Meet Your Community Leader: David Gum

Born and raised in the Winchester, Virginia area, David worked most of his childhood and early adult life in the construction business with his family. David is an entrepreneur who started from humble beginnings. He operates, manages and/or serves on the Boards of fourteen companies in which he owns or has controlling interest. These companies are in the industries of Real Estate, Manufacturing, Warehousing and Agriculture. Locally, the Gums are most known for owning and operating White House Foods, d.b.a. National Fruit Product Company, Inc., Henkel Harris Furniture and Woodside Farms, an Angus genetics business.

David has been married to Paige Ellis Gum for 36 years and has three children ages 32, 28 and 24 years. David resides with his wife on a farm in Virginia.

Additionally, David and his family are strong supporters of various nonprofit organizations in the community. He serves on the Board of Directors for Virginia Manufacturers Association, is Chairman of the Board for the Apple Processors Association, and is especially proud and honored to serve on the Board of Directors for the U.S.O. of Metropolitan Washington-Baltimore.

David Gum

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