VIDEO: How Hackers Use Facebook Quizzes To Nab Your Info

Before you click on that next quiz, check out these seven tips from the Florida Center for Cybersecurity:

• Only take quizzes from reputable sources that protect your data.

• Hover over hyperlinks before you click on them to see if the URL appears suspicious.

• Open any web links from your browser independently of the social media website or use a link scanner.

• Treat your email address and login credentials just like you would cash; it’s that valuable.

• Report scams through the applicable social media sites.

• Be wary of links posted by friends that seem unusually sensational. Instead of clicking on the link, go to a trusted new source and search for the story there.

• Be wary of Internet quizzes or polls that require you to sign in or pull personal information. Why? You don’t know who they are sharing this information with. For example: What street did you grow up on is a common bank security questions. To be super safe, stick to traditional quizzes in printed magazines.



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