The Handley Judges & Millbrook Pioneers are heading to Salem!

WOW! It's a proud time for all of us in the Shenandoah Valley for High School Basketball this year! A big congrats to all the teams this year! Plus a special high five and congrats to the Handley Boys Varsity basketball Team and the Millbrook Girls Basketball Team for slaying the court and heading to Salem for the 4A Quarter Finals!


Millbrook Pioneers play Midlothian in Salem, VA Thursday 6pm – Group 4A State Quarterfinals


Handley Judges play Hanover in Salem, VA Friday 4:15p – Group 4A State Quarterfinals

You of course can hear both games LIVE on our Sister Station and on our iHeartRadio app just search for Fox Sports 1550!

Scroll down below for the full game from the Handley Judges Friday Night!



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