You Can Now Bookmark People's Posts On Instagram!

Think about it... how many recipes, memes, and outfits do you screenshot on Instagram to only forget about them and drain your storage.

Instagram has done it again and created a new feature you had no idea that you needed. Now, when your friend (or blogger that you're obsessed with ) posts a really cute outfit or geotags the most beautiful avocado toast, you can just tap the save button.

Whatever you decide to save will end up on a new section on your profile and get this— only YOU can see it.

So whether you're mapping out a dream vacation or LOLing at a meme, just bookmark it and you're good to go. 

Here's how you do it:

1. If you see a post you like, look for the bookmark icon. It is located in the same section where you can like, comment, and message a post. Once you save it, the icon will turn black.

2. Go to your profile and look for the bookmark icon. Once you tap it, you'll see all the posts you've ever saved!


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