Before dying, this man published his last farewell on Instagram

'I have been more absent these days since I am focusing on my little energy that I have to overcome this stage that is proving difficult, but not impossible.It turns out that when I go to my hospital reviews (which are usually 2 days a week) in the analytic study a data that is called chimerism.

It measures the percentage of my cells (good or bad) and the donor and in the result of this test because there are more cells than the donor, 80% of my cells and 20% of the donor and at this point Of the transplant should be at least the reverse.So I still have anemia, very low platelets, very low defenses and I do not produce by myself.

Consequently I have received 7 days of chemotherapy that is called hypomethylating. It is pricked in the arm or leg and is subcutaneous.It is a softer chemo than you get when you enter.This will repeat in about two weeks and I will do a puncture in the marrow, if this is seen to work to promote the marrow, we will continue this way, otherwise I will have to make an infusion of lymphocytes (a third transplant spice) My donor), to help the bone marrow to take hold and hold on tightly so to speak and start working properly. 

This chemo makes me tired, I am with a spice of bronchitis and good overcoming the bumps that are coming out.I admit it is a hard time, it makes me want to throw in the towel, to stop suffering, to rest at once ... but I do not give up, I continue and I will continue fighting, day after day until my day arrives, either tomorrow or 70 years.

Let's enjoy each day that is unique, really, I start to value things in an incredible way and truly that life tastes better that way.Love everything that is part of life, enjoy everything that is part of life, you will not regret it.We continue on the road and loaded with strength!I encourage all the people who are in a hard battle, I encourage all the families that are going through a hard battle, encouragement to those who have lost to a loved one, everything will happen and everything will arrive.

Death is part of life so we should not fear it but love it. ❤



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