Costco Finally Brings Back Its Super Popular Ice Cream Dessert

Costco is bringing back a popular dessert that fans have been asking for – La Boulangerie’s Chocolate Honeycomb Ice Cream Sandwiches. These treats are filled with caramel ice cream containing caramelized sugar bits with the top half dipped in milk chocolate and the bottom half sandwiched between two speculoos biscuits. 

Instagrammer @costcobuys reports that the ice cream sandwiches are back in stock and added “Be warned, these are dangerously delicious.” They are sold in 12-count packages for a price of $14.99. Another Costco member said in a Reddit post “They taste like oatmeal cream pies! Found at the Costco in St. Cloud, MN.” 

Costco has also returned their popular s'mores cookies that feature graham cracker flour, marshmallows, and chocolate chunks for $9.99 as well as a $15.99 three-and-a-half pound new banana cream pie, so if you have a sweet tooth you’re in luck at Costco. 


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