New Flavortown Sauces Lineup Is Launched By Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri continues to branch out with another food-related venture with the launch of a new lineup of Flavortown Sauces. The new products include nine condiments and barbecue sauces that aim to elevate every meal. Here’s the list of the new sauces coming in March 2024: 

  • Famous Donkey Sauce – a creamy, garlicky aioli that claims you could be a jacka$$ if you don’t try it! 
  • Top Secret Sauce – a creamy aioli with chili powder, mustard, and garlic that goes well with everything. 
  • Honey Mustard Sauce – Guy’s take on the classic Honey Mustard. 
  • Poppin’ Jalapeño Sauce – a combination of jalapeños, creamy aioli, and garlic flavors. 
  • Kickin’ Chipotle Sauce – a combination of smoky chipotle, chili, and other spices for mouthwatering heat. 
  • Smokin’ Hickory BBQ Sauce – Guy’s BBQ sauce with a balance of sticky, sweet, smoky, and tangy flavor. 
  • Mop Sauce BBQ Sauce – combines chile, spices, molasses, and mustard tang to keep your meats moist on the grill.
  •  Carolina Style BBQ Sauce – flavors of tangy mustard, spices, and sweetness. 
  • Money Honey BBQ Sauce – honey, brown sugar, and a hint of tomato and spices. 

Prices for the new Flavortown Sauces will be $4 to $5 a bottle and will be on shelves nationwide beginning in March 2024. 

Source: Chew boom

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