Social Media Posts That Could Ruin Your Career

It’s not just what you do on the job that employers care about, they’re also looking at what you share online as well. Roz Sheldon, a reputation management expert, explains that companies don’t want to employ anyone who they think could be problematic online and they’ll search for you on social media to see what you’re posting before deciding whether or not to hire you.

“It's important because consumers form opinions about companies by what they see online,” Sheldon says. “And this extends to what their employees behave like online.” That means certain social media activity could have a negative impact on your career and she says these are the types of posts to avoid.

  • Posting about drunken escapades or risque content - Companies are looking for off-color remarks and signs you could be a bit of a troublemaker, according to Sheldon. Risque content, like having an OnlyFans and promoting it on social media could also be problematic to employers. And so could posting photos of yourself out having fun on days when you’ve called in sick.
  • Bad-mouthing your company or boss - This seems obvious, but some folks need a reminder to steer clear of posts about disliking your company, boss or coworkers. Anything that shows your employer in a bad light or could damage their brand is a bad idea.
  • Sharing your opinions about celebs or “hot takes” on hot issues - You’ll also want to avoid posting anything that could be perceived as racially motivated, sexist, homophobic or transphobic. This includes comments to other posts. Sure, you’re entitled to your opinion, but if you’re not sure it’s safe to share, ask yourself if the need to post it is worth your livelihood.
  • Hitting back at those who annoy you - It may feel good to vent online, but your harsh comments could be perceived as abusive or you could be seen as a cyber bully, even if you think they’re harmless.
  • Oversharing on LinkedIn - Companies are looking at the types of posts people share on the networking site, including things like your personal political views, stories about dramatically resigning from a job or having a dispute over leadership styles. So keep posts and comments on LinkedIn professional and friendly and skip any that are controversial, political, and cringy, aspirational ones.

Source: Daily Mail

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